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    Two hearts reunited inside the box.

    im soooo dead damn

    penge hangin

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    I may be killed for saying this, but for some reason I do think the AGB ratings mean more than the Kantar one.

    One reason is because AGB is Mega Manila, and for advertisers that is the demographic that matters.

    In the US, they also use the Nielsen systems to measure ratings, but they measure…

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    In the era of fanaticism, there will be moments as a fan where you’d go: “OH MY GOD, I AM SO HAPPY I AM THEIR FAN.”

    Personally, about 90% of these moments came from being a Harry Potter fan.

    From the time I first read the books in 1998 until the last movie was shown two years ago, the series…

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    The prim and proper pout. Kath B. poses like a pro (and goofs off every now and then) for our August cover story.

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    Here we go again.. I’ve read in my twitter timeline that some KN fans are planning to trend d GotToBelieve hashtag tonight in time of MBAP’s pilot episode..

    Let me ask you, do you think it’s a good idea? Will it do us any good? I think it would only put KN fans in a bad light.. again! Especially, if you go and badmouth the other show.. And do do you think this move would make Kath and DJ proud of us or thankful?

    Yes, I support the clamor to put GTB on primetime after TVP but being bitter and attempting to snatch d spotlight from MBAP just bcoz it got launched and aired first wouldn’t change d fact that GTB’s airing has already been deferred. Whose heart wasn’t broken when GTB’s supposed July 8 airing was put off? I am upset, I guess everybody is disappointed.

    At d moment, getting a slot on primetime after TVP seems bleak as it is already full, so I say let’s continue fighting for the timeslot Got To Believe deserves in a way that we do not offend/hurt others and such generate support and consideration from the management. Personally, I prefer that d airing gets deferred so long as they put it in a well-deserved primetime slot after TVP, rather than it airs soon on an unacceptable time. After all, Got To Believe is a very promising show that’s worth all d wait! It’ll definitely have its time to shine.. And that we all look forward to!

    Remember, what you sow is what you reap. Good vibes = Good karma

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    Voting Party


    KathNiel Voting Party! Vote KathNiel at 8pm every night in every poll that they’re nominated. You can see the links here Let’s do this for KathNiel guys! We could win if we want to :) 

    Thank you!

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    Repost: (Originally from: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rkkg44)


    Yahoo OMG Awards:

    Breakthrough Actor of the Year —- http://t.co/Xg6RzB8l4q
    Breakthrough Actress of the Year —- http://t.co/ThUEZrdyox
    Loveteam of the Year —- http://t.co/3bZIFILOm8
    Fansclub (VOTE FOR KADREAMERS) —- http://t.co/PDFeKl1v9M

    StarStudio Awards:

    Young Stylish Guy on the Rise —- http://t.co/Zs06V2EIud // SSM YoungM A and send to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun subscribers and 231 for Smart, TNT
    Young Fashionista on the Rise —- http://t.co/Zs06V2EIud // SSM YoungF A and send to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun subscribers and 231 for Smart, TNT
    Most Sylish Loveteam —- http://t.co/Zs06V2EIud // SSM LOVETEAM C and send to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun subscribers and 231 for Smart, TNT

    PEP Awards

    Male Teen Star of the Year —- http://t.co/YtvJELAqN8
    Female Teen Star of the Year —- http://t.co/YtvJELAqN8
    Breakout Star of the Year —- http://t.co/YtvJELAqN8
    Primetime teleserye of the Year —- http://t.co/YtvJELAqN8

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    Don’t forget to VOTE for KathNiel

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    Vote for KathNiel in the Star Studio Celebrity Style Awards ✔

    Vote for KathNiel in the Star Studio Celebrity Style Awards ✔

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    feelings change, people change, everything in this world is subject to changes…

    we may have our own thoughts but in the end only Daniel and Kath knows what their feelings are..what their priorities are….

    regarding the buzz interview, its obvious naman na hindi kathniel ang topic kc ang layo ng…

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    Thoughts on KathNiel

    I’m here to share with you my views/opinion on what’s happening around our beloved KathNiel…

    I’ve never been a an avid fan of any celebrity like I am now with KathNiel, so I don’t really know what to feel everytime an unpleasant or negative issue confronts Kath, DJ or both. But right now, I just feel frustrated and disappointed with a lot of things involving KathNiel.

    First on the list, the perception that the management seems to take them for granted. I don’t need to explicitly state here what the management has done that made me or you think, that they are not being treated fairly nor valued as they should be. Undeniably, they are two of the most bankable artists of Star Magic right now; however, the management tend to overlook on what greater things they can offer.

    So, I am really glad with the initiative of some KN fans to create a petition to push for an ‘after TVP timeslot’ for the upcoming KathNiel serye and also for encouraging the other fans to voice their sentiments on PEX and ABS fora. However, let us all please be responsible with what we post and comment. We can express our sentiments without being too harsh.

    We should post stuff that will elicit support and consideration from the management and anybody who reads them and not disapproval or dismay. I believe that KN fans are not hostile/warfreaks like what other fandoms think we are.

    Second, the conflict between the solid KN fans and the solid Kath fans.

    Solid KathNiel fans, aren’t we at all times keeping our steady, even and true support and love for Kath and Dj? Maybe we should do a reality check, the solid Kath fans are claiming otherwise.

    Now, if you’re a solid Kath fan as you claim to be, wouldn’t you give you’re 100% support to all Kath’s projects and endeavors even if these projects involve someone you don’t approve of? If you’re a solid kath fan, wouldn’t you accept and be happy with anything that makes her happy? Of course, we want the best for Kath but that doesn’t mean you have every right to dictate and impose anything upon her. Agree with me or not, as a fan, all you can do is to be there to support her no matter what.

    Third, engaging with haters. This is something that I don’t approve. With the success of KathNiel, expect that haters will be everywhere. If DJ and Kath don’t let themselves get affected, then we shouldn’t be too. There are more people who love them than hate them. I say, we kill them with Kindness!

    And if you can’t control yourself and stand their hate attacks, then know your limits because as fans, sometimes, our actions put our beloved KathNiel in a bad light. Lastly, before engaging with haters, think about this:

    “Any effort you make to increase happiness by setting a hater straight is completely worthless. By engaging with haters, you give them more fuel and provide them with a larger target to attack. And if you’re not careful, you can get sucked into becoming a hater yourself.”

    I totally believe in the power of KNs, we can achieve what we want as long as we’re all in it together. So, let’s unite and focus on our goals to promote KathNiel. Let’s imbibe only positivity and spread love and peace coz we only want a happy and stress-free ship right?

    Now keep calm and be a KathNiel fan =)))

    Thank you!

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    DJP now available on iTunes!! =)))

you’ll love the songs!!

No to Piracy!! Buy the original!

    DJP now available on iTunes!! =)))

    you’ll love the songs!!

    No to Piracy!! Buy the original!

Ħι! Ƭнαиκƨ ғσя ∂яσρριиɢ вʏ..
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